Stanardsville United Methodist Church
Monday, July 16, 2018

Life Groups

The purpose of LIFE GROUPS is to help people both inside and outside our church grow spiritually in order to deepen understanding of their personal relationship with God.  LIFE GROUPS help strengthen personal connections to God and strengthen God's connected community.  We have a number of LIFE GROUPS, each made up of six to eight persons, who meet regularly in the home of a Group member.  To help accommodate schedules each LIFE GROUP meets at a different time and day of the week.  Gatherings are usually held twice each month.  
We encourage every member of our congregation to be involved in some type of small group.  This can include Sunday School, Choir, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Youth Fellowship, and/or LIFE GROUPS.  We also encourage those outside our church to consider joining a LIFE GROUP for their own spiritual growth. 
We use the word "LIFE" as an acrostic for remembering our LIFE GROUP goals and objectives.
    L - Love - We seek to model and share the love of Jesus Christ with one another.
    I -  Instruction - We seek to engage in quality instruction to help build faith and spiritual growth.
    F - Fellowship - We seek to share in Christian fellowship with one another in an atmosphere of wholesome, Christian fun.
    E - Example - We seek to exemplify a life that prioritizes Jesus Christ in order to attract additional members to the group.
Call the pastor today to check times and availability of our LIFE GROUPS!!